1. Who can participate in the VipTube's Content Partner Program?
-This may be the content owners that want to attract traffic to their pay sites.

2. How to participate to VipTube's Content Partner Program?
2.1 Just register here
2.2 Waiting approval of your account
2.3 Add one or few pay website
2.4 Use application "Upload" or "MultiUpload" to upload one or more promo movies for your pay site.
2.5 Wait until your video will be the conversion, editing, and moderation.

3. What type of links we use?

If you do not have a banner size 685x75 pixels, you can only use a text link.

4. What kind of technology uploading is used in our systems?
-application "Upload Video" - you can add one video clips
-application "MultiUpload" you can add 500 movies at a time
To each video you may add information such as: categories, description, models names, thumbnail URL.

5. What types of video formats available for upload?
-Allowed extensions: avi,mpg,mov,mpeg,xvid,divx,3gp,mkv,3gpp,mp4,wmv,flv,ogg

6. What's the minimum length of movies allowed on VipTube ?
-We would like to receive from paysites promo movies for 7-10 minutes. It is these videos can provide a maximum number of signup's from our site.
But we can make an exception to the rule. In specific niches such as amateur, public, fetish, bizzare, fat, bukkake short clips 3-5 minutes to attract many visitors.

7. What's the best quality for promo movies ?
-Uploading movies for VipTube with maximum quality.
We convert all uploaded video yourself. Our video compression settings are ideal for displaying video in the tube site.

8. Where can I find statistics?
-In application "Stats" you can view detailed statistics for each your paysite.

9. How to increase my video views on VipTube?
-video with the long and unique descriptions include a large number of ubiquitous word title is attracting more visitors
-video with lots of correct tags and categories often get into to the Favorites, Related and Search Results.
-video with the names of models displayed in the sample Related Models
-longer videos attract more visitors
-better and more exclusive videos have higher positions.

10. How much will I earn with VipTube?
It depends on your video and your pay sites. The number of unique visitors on our tube 2.5-3 million people per day. Video Views ~ 10,000 times per month. You can upload videos of 5-10 per day or more. Thus, after 3 months your video will collect about 12 million hits. Average clickability on banners is 2%. Total 240k traffic coming to your paysite.

Let's make money together! If you have any questions contact to support, please.
Email: support@viptube.com